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  • The place where the rabbit nest is placed should keep the air flowing, and the rabbit nest should be cleaned frequently. If the rabbit's nest is no longer smelly and the rabbit is still smelly, you can give them a bath. It is not recommended to wash rabbits under three months or in winter, because if there is no way to dry them immediately, it is easy to die from hypothermia.


  • As a good friend of human beings, dogs have always been with us in our lives, so it is very necessary to choose a suitable litter for dogs. For the selection of crates, it is generally necessary to look at the breed of the dog. The crates selected by different breeds are also different, so when choosing a crate, you can choose according to the characteristics of each cage and your own budget.


  • Ningbo Haishu Yinjiang Jintangli Metal Products Factory pet cage manufacturers include Grooming Table wholesale, Rabbit Hutch Cage wholesale, square Pet Stairs wholesale and other Grooming Table wholesale.


  • Life requires some sense of ceremony. Starting in April, it is the season when crayfish starts to go on the market. The team building this season is scheduled for April 24th. We will eat crayfish together on Sunday. Unlike the delicate and quiet izakaya, crayfish The food is a casual atmosphere, which can make chats between departments more relaxed, and chat about the work situation and mood during the recent period.


  • In order to better connect feelings and exchange ideas among the members of the Department, the department leaders planned a dinner party in a quiet Wine House, which can facilitate better communication and heart to heart talk among colleagues.


  • In order to help new colleagues quickly integrate into the extended family, enhance understanding among employees, enhance everyone's team spirit and relieve pressure, the Department organized Dongqian Lake home stay on Saturday, March 12.