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Look at the Wooden Birdhouse Interface

See bamboo treatment. The bamboo treatment should be smooth, and the hand touch feels round. It is better to touch the circle of the bamboo festival. Bottom, waist, roof, bamboo pole location is best in one angle, one position.
Watching wooden birdhouse. Every detail must be seen. Bamboo strip straight, uniform clearance, top, circle, strip, door, leg, touch, no angular, hobby.

Look at the wooden birdhouse interface. Interface mode, the length of the undercut interface, is strict interface, there is no obvious black line. Whether the pin is in place, there is no dark sale. The rigid joint of the interface is difficult to distinguish, it is better. If both bamboo textures can be paired, it is

Look at the cage of wooden birdhouse. It is open to in place, smooth and smooth valve.