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Clear waters and green mountains are gold and silver mountains

Longgong Village, Shenmo Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, was included in the second batch of Chinese Traditional Villages list in 2013.In order to let us experience the charm of the ancient village, the company organized an autumn tour of "Visiting longgong Ancient Village" on November 21.
Longgong ancient Village is an ancient village in the mountains, a village where ancient houses are gradually disappearing, a village where almost no tourists come, a village where people are simple, every family can enter, and guests are treated like relatives, which is the feeling that can not be obtained in the previous group construction.In a small shop in the village, the boss made chow mein, several of us sat on the roadside slowly taste, time seems to be here good scenery lost motionless, stop here.
Away from the worries of work, we talked to the old people in the village here. Although many of the old houses are dilapidated, even crumbling and uninhabited, the old people in the village are still full of smiles and hope for the future.Sincere and optimistic, which is the biggest feeling brought to us by the mission, is also the attitude that the company hopes each of us can have in both work and life.