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Looking for autumn atmosphere, advocating low-carbon environmental protection, to protect the health of body and mind

Our products include rabbit hutch cage and wooden bird house.In golden autumn, the sky is clear and clear.In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, enhance team cohesion, reflect the humanistic care of the company, and let everyone relax and get close to nature after busy work, the labor union of the company organized all members to hangzhou Bay Wetland Park and Minghe Ancient Town for an autumn outing on November 13th.
In the morning we came to Hangzhou Bay Wetland Park.First, we took a boat tour of the river, and then went ashore to enjoy the milu Deer park, reed marshes and migratory bird museum.After a light lunch in the restaurant.In the afternoon, we drove to Minghe Ancient Town, where the ancient buildings and simple folk customs made us feel the natural leisure of the town and led us into the real slow life.
At the end of the one-day autumn outing, there is no high-intensity mountaineering or exciting expansion projects, just a simple tour, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into the nature, back to the simple country life, enjoy leisure time and complete relaxation.
In the afterglow of the sunset, the autumn outing ended in laughter.Employees relax after busy work, enjoy the beauty of nature, happy body and mind.In the embrace of nature, shorten the distance between each other, further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, for the future work to create a more lively, healthy and harmonious, positive atmosphere.

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