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The feature of different types of dog crates

1. Wooden dog crate: the dog feels comfortable. It won't be so cold in winter and so hot in summer, but the edges and corners are easy to be chewed by the dog. It's best to wrap the four corners with iron sheet. It's easy to get moldy in wet weather.

2. Iron dog crate: this kind of general manufacturers spray paint to prevent rust, but don't choose iron bars that are too thin and easy to be distorted by dogs.

3.Dog crate made of plastic or glass fiber: there are no joints, the surface is smooth, the dog will not bite, the cage is not easy to hurt the fur, it is light, it can be directly cleaned with water, but it can not be disassembled and combined at will, and the ventilation is poor.

4. Dog crate made of stainless steel: the surface is smooth and will not rust. It is not afraid of dog bites. It is convenient to clean. However, stainless steel is either very cold or hot in winter and summer. The contact between dog feet and skin is not comfortable, so the indoor temperature should be appropriate, and the cushion inside should be more comfortable.