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Bird House Type

Wooden Bird House south, north, Guizhou Danzhai, Kara - South of the bird cage in the south. Hebei Yizhou Yixiazhuang - Northern Bird Cage Township.

There are many types of Wooden Bird House, with rectangular, round, square, flat, semi-circular, room, and drums. my country's bird caters are well-known, and they are well known for their workmanship.

In order to adapt to the living habits of different birds, the ornamental cage is roughly divided into two types of bird cages in the valley and the groceidium.

The food valley Wooden Bird House has a golden stone cass, a cage, a bird cage, a hundred spirit cage, embroidered anxiety, etc.

The bird cage has a picture, a cage, an octopus?

In addition, there are also a tiger skin parrot cage and a variety of inkrath, etc. suitable for breeding parrots.

When choosing bird cages, the size and shape of the cage should be adapted to the types and size of the breeded birds, ie in the principle of life and convenience of life suitable for the breeding bird.