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How to clean wooden bird house

Shading wooden bird house cleaning method:
1. Cleaning method: first wet the cage with water, soften the stool, brush it a little later, and then flush it with water to make it clean. Clean the whole birdcage, including habitat pole, toys, feed trough, sink and other appliances. Try to wash with water only. If you use diluted neutral detergent, be sure to rinse off all the bubbles with plenty of water. Take a shower and bask in the sun, or dry it with a hair dryer.
2. Chassis cleaning: A. chassis padding: the toilet pan is usually covered with newspaper, advertising paper, toilet paper, sawdust and cat litter. It can be easily replaced when there is stool. b. Change the bottom net: if the bottom net of your birdcage is removable, you can directly pick up the bottom net and clean it and replace it with a new bottom net. c. How to deal with the birds that love to bite the chassis newspaper: if the birds will bite the newspaper or advertising paper at the bottom, it is recommended to use bird sand instead of laying newspapers, or if the chassis is not laid with things, clean the chassis every day and do a good job in disinfection. For disinfection methods, please refer to the following contents. You can also stick adhesive tape to fix the paper after laying newspapers or advertising paper, so that it will not be pulled and bitten by birds.

Wooden bird house cleaning without shading:
1. Use shell sand (Bird sand): Bird sand can wrap the stool, and birds will not be contaminated with feces. At ordinary times, remove the stool covered by bird sand, and replace all bird sand once a week, but it is recommended to use a chassis with a depth of more than 1.5cm.
2. Spread some toilet paper or wood chips to absorb feces, but the water absorption and cleanliness of these two padding materials are worse than bird sand.

Disinfection method of wooden bird house
General disinfection method:
1. As mentioned above, wash the birds with clean water and brush, and then take them to the sun. If you use hot water to clean the bird cage, the disinfection effect is better.

2. Diluted bleach: it is recommended to use bleach containing sodium hypochlorite. It is safe to dilute it to a concentration of 2% - 5%. However, because the bleach has a pungent taste, the birds must be removed when cleaning the cage with bleach. After cleaning the cage with bleach, rinse it with clean water several times before letting the birds live in the cage.

3. Diluted alcohol: 70 ~ 75% alcohol is the most effective for disinfection. As long as it is volatilized, if you are not comfortable, you can also flush it with clean water and then move the birds in. Alcohol has a pungent smell. Birds must be prevented from smelling this smell, otherwise it will have adverse effects.

4. Diluting excellent iodine: excellent iodine can be used for cleaning and for disinfecting wounds. Those used for cleaning will bubble and can be directly used to clean the bird cage. Those used for disinfecting wounds should be diluted before use. Superior iodine is better than bleach and alcohol in terms of smell and safety