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How to choose dog crate

First, determine the size of the dog cage according to the actual size of the dog as an adult. Too small cages are not suitable for dogs. Generally, the size of cages should be three times the size of dogs. When choosing a dog cage, you should pay attention to that the top and corners of the cage have little effect on the dog. Therefore, the actual size of the dog cage should be at least 2-3 of the dog's length and width. In this way, the dog has enough room to turn around and take a few steps.

Second, cages are more often used to keep large dogs. For example, St. Bernard, husky, Alaskan sled dog and so on. These large dogs have strong strength, so the cage they choose must be strong. Otherwise, the dog can easily destroy the cage and escape.

Finally, choose a dog cage with reasonable structure. For example, there should be a tray under the dog cage, so that the dog can urinate directly in the cage, and it is more convenient for the owner to clean up. Just clean the tray under the cage. It's not difficult to choose a dog cage. Just pay attention to quality and practicability.