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Some notes on grooming Samoyed dogs

Regular grooming of Samoyed dogs is an important part of Samoyed dog breeding and management. Proper bathing not only keeps Samoyed dogs clean, hygienic and beautiful, but also improves the health of Samoyed dogs.

The bathing of the little Samoyed dog starts two months after the birth and more than two weeks after the vaccination. Samoyed dogs raised outdoors should be washed 3 to 4 times a year, and indoor ones should be washed once every 20 days to a month. The skin of Samoyed dogs does not sweat as easily as humans and does not require frequent bathing.

Double-layer bristles brush: This comb is necessary for almost all dogs with double coats and long-haired dogs. The comb has hard anti-static nylon teeth in the middle and is surrounded by shorter wild boar bristles. Among them, the nylon hard teeth can go directly to the hair roots to massage the hair follicles, and the wild boar bristles can comb the fine dust on the hair and the naturally falling hair. This comb is actually used for hair care. Don't expect to comb the unkempt hair. At the same time, this comb is the longest to use every day, so you have to massage the dog constantly. It is a very small, very cute, double-layered bristles brush, which is easy to carry around, and it is easy to use for Samo babies.
Various sizes of combs: The first step in combing hair every day is to dredge all the hairs. Choose the appropriate comb according to the size of your dog. In case there are knots that cannot be combed, please do not comb the knots by hand. Organize carefully.

Scraper: Samo’s coat, especially the PP part, sometimes has curly hair, which is not welcome.

If the curl is severe, you must use a spatula to straighten it, but you must be cautious with this blade, because it will shave a lot of hair. Generally, the micro-volumes on the surface are treated with it.

 Paint: This is a must-have item for the competition. The round head paint is mainly used for powdering.

The normal combing sequence is: first use the row comb to comb all the hairs. Comb the fluffy hair with a needle comb. Then the double-layer bristle brush is combed up and down several times. Generally, an adult samurai, if combed every day, about half an hour each time is enough.