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How to clean and disinfect dog cages

1. Prepare disinfection dog cage utensils: small brushes, old toothbrushes, latex gloves (which can effectively prevent the corrosive pure disinfectant from harming the skin), water basins, and household disinfectants.
2. Take out the items in the cage and wash the lower tray clean; the owner can first use water to wash off most of the dirt in the cage, and then wipe the dirt around it with a wet towel; then clean the cage Later.
3. Put on gloves, take about a bottle of disinfectant with cap, pour it into the basin, and then dilute it with clean water according to the reference ratio in the instructions. Dip the diluted disinfectant with a small brush and scrub the dog cage.
The dog cage is welded by fences in different horizontal and vertical directions. The junctions between the fences are particularly prone to accumulate dirt, especially the bottom net. At this time, it's the old toothbrush's turn to show off! It can take care of every corner of the dog cage.
4. Rinse with clean water after brushing. It should be noted that dogs like to lick everywhere, and the disinfectant remaining on the fence is easily eaten by the dog, so be sure to rinse it several times. Finally, put the dog cage in the sun for 1 hour. Ultraviolet rays will double the sterilization effect!

It is not difficult to create a clean environment for the dog. Disinfecting the dog cage every two weeks can allow the dog to grow up healthily in a healthier environment.