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The steps of dog grooming

Pet grooming table
Drop rope, anti-bite ring
Scissors, steel comb

1 Hold the dog’s mouth with your right hand and support the dog’s abdomen with your left hand. Put the pet in the center of the grooming table
2 Use a sling to tie the pet by the throat, not too rush or too loose.
3 Put the anti-bite ring under the dog's neck, fix the button in a proper position, and fasten the anti-bite ring.
4 When trimming, first put the pet in a proper posture, hold the chin in one hand and tilt the neck to the left, and hold the elbow in the other hand and lift it vertically downward to the tabletop.
5 After completing the above operations, you can start trimming

Wear a mask if you have allergies

Don't be too rude