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How to arrange the rabbit cage


1. Generally, the layout of rabbit cages should be divided into at least two layers.

2. The simplest and most practical combination is two curved pedals and three long planks, which are combined from low to high. There must be a transition between the top and bottom layers, and they must be staggered horizontally like steps, rather than overlapping up and down.
3. Make full use of the three-dimensional space in the cage. The rabbit likes to jump up and down, and give him a living space on each floor.
4. Configure a wooden house for the rabbit. The hole of the wooden house should be convenient for him to enter and exit, and he can enter the wooden house from all directions and positions of the cage.
5. Put the rabbit's toilet on the bottom to prevent mess.
6. Any piece of furniture must be placed securely.
7. Hang the kettle at a height that it can reach as soon as it lifts its head, so as not to wet the hair when drinking water.