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You need to use a dedicated dog cage when checking your dog


With the improvement of people's living standards, small pets such as kittens and puppies also need a stable nest. Pet cages have become a more important choice for people to keep pets. Suitable cat cages, dog cages are very necessary for the breeding of kittens and puppies.

Dogs need to use a special dog cage when consigning them, and household pet cages are usually unqualified. Before consignment, the pet must be quarantined at the airport, and the quarantine certificate must be attached to the waybill. After confirming your flight, arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance. Estimate the waiting time and flight time. Prepare enough water and food for your pets. Hot weather and poor ventilation will cause harm to your pets. Anyone who wants to bring pets on public transportation must go to an animal quarantine station and apply for an animal quarantine certificate for leaving the county with an immunization certificate. Clean and disinfect the dog cage well.