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Types of grooming tables


Dogs and cats are very active, untrained dogs and cats are not easy to quietly accept grooming actions. Therefore, a binding, anti-slip, and safe pet grooming special workbench-a grooming table is very necessary.

The grooming table has changed from the early fixed wooden table to the iron activity table, and even the current aluminum table. In addition to the material change, the function has also been developed very well. Due to different operating occasions, it can be roughly divided into the following forms:
A. Lightweight. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is suitable for use when you need to go out, such as dog and cat exhibitions or traveling.
B. Work type. Slightly heavier but more stable, dogs and cats will not shake when they are restless. It is the most commonly used work table in the pet grooming industry.
C. Oil pressure or steam driven type. It is heavy and difficult to move, but it can be adjusted in height freely and can be rotated 360°. It is suitable for various types of dogs and cats. It can be groomed according to the height and habits of the groomer.