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The benefits of living in a dog cage

Living in a cage makes it easier for the pet owner to clean
The dog lives in a cage, and eating and drinking are all carried out in the cage, so that the pet owner will clean when the time comes, and the scope will be limited to the vicinity of the cage instead of the entire house, so that the pet owner can clean faster. This way the pet owner can also save a lot of time to do other things.

Living in a cage can cultivate a dog’s quiet personality

Let the dog live in a cage, so that the dog can have a quieter living environment, which can also cultivate a quiet personality of the dog. Of course, the pet owner cannot keep the dog closed, and the dog should be properly let out Walk around, otherwise the dog that has been locked up will easily develop depression, which is not good for the dog's physical and mental health.

Living in a cage can make the dog feel more secure
After all, dogs are burrowing animals. From ancient times to the present, dogs like to be in small spaces, because this can make them feel more secure. Similarly, don’t think that giving them more space at home is just for the dog. A good dog, on the contrary, letting a dog live in a cage is a manifestation of a sense of security.

Living in a cage can better protect the health of the dog

Because the cages are all off the ground, it can prevent the dog from lying on the ground directly and catching cold, and it will not be infected with more bacteria because of the wet ground. Therefore, keeping the dog in the cage can actually protect the dog's health, and If there are two dogs in the house, put them in different cages to avoid cross-infection. However, the pet owner needs to clean the dog cage regularly.

Living in a cage can limit the dog's range of movement

Both puppies and adult dogs are very destructive. Anything in the house will be bitten by the dog, but keeping the dog in the cage will limit the dog’s range of action. The destructive behavior will be less, and the pet owner can put some bite-resistant toys in the cage, which can also let the dog vent their energy.