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Understand the knowledge of dog cages so that you can better raise dogs!


1. Choose the right cage according to the dog's body type

There is a saying that you should choose a cage three times the size of the dog. If you count from the volume, the top and corners of the cage are actually unusable space for the dog. Simply put, for the choice of cage size, the length of the cage is twice the length of the dog's body, which should be more suitable for the dog. But the growth of the dog must be considered, so the cage must be purchased according to the adult body shape of the dog.

2. Choose a dog cage according to the material
When choosing a dog cage, you should pay attention to its material. Generally speaking, it is mainly composed of four materials: plastic, iron wire, square tube, and stainless steel.

3. Is the structure of the dog cage reasonable?

 Generally speaking, there are not many forms of dog cages, and most of them are relatively reasonable. There is a tray underneath, which can facilitate the cleaning of the dog's urine. What I want to remind is to pay attention to observe whether the bottom plate of the square iron bar dog cage (that is, the bottom of the cage on the plastic tray) is not movable and can be taken out for cleaning, because the dog’s stool will stick to it. It would be too much trouble if you can't get it out.There is also a relatively large-sized wire dog cage. Usually, there is no reel underneath. This is very inconvenient. If you want to move it, it will be heavy. Small-sized wire dog cages will not take too much effort to move.

4. The position of the dog cage
The dog cage is a place for the dog to rest. Don't put it in the place where the family walks. You must teach the children not to disturb the dog in the cage when the dog enters the cage.
5. Maintenance and cleaning in the future
Pay attention to the maintenance of dog cages. Dog cages made of plastic and iron wires need to be protected from exposure to the sun. After cleaning the dog cage with water, it must be cleaned up in time, otherwise it will affect the life of use after rust.