Company News

  • Life requires some sense of ceremony. Starting in April, it is the season when crayfish starts to go on the market. The team building this season is scheduled for April 24th. We will eat crayfish together on Sunday. Unlike the delicate and quiet izakaya, crayfish The food is a casual atmosphere, which can make chats between departments more relaxed, and chat about the work situation and mood during the recent period.


  • In order to better connect feelings and exchange ideas among the members of the Department, the department leaders planned a dinner party in a quiet Wine House, which can facilitate better communication and heart to heart talk among colleagues.


  • In order to help new colleagues quickly integrate into the extended family, enhance understanding among employees, enhance everyone's team spirit and relieve pressure, the Department organized Dongqian Lake home stay on Saturday, March 12.


  • Company to create a healthy and progressive corporate culture, improve employees cultural taste, let us more full of spirit to greet the year of work, according to the annual style company in 3.12 Arbor Day activity plan, organize the staff the hiking mountain climbing activities, through this activity, employee is the entertainment life and edify sentiment,  At the same time, the mutual understanding was deepened, the activity not only increased the feelings, but also increased the cohesion of the team.  


  • 2021 is coming to an end. In order to reward colleagues for their hard work in the past year, the company held an annual meeting, and colleagues gathered for dinner.


  • From December 23 to December 24, 2021, the company launched a Christmas garden party, allowing all employees to feel a harmonious and loving corporate culture in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.