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  • The place where the rabbit nest is placed should keep the air flowing, and the rabbit nest should be cleaned frequently. If the rabbit's nest is no longer smelly and the rabbit is still smelly, you can give them a bath. It is not recommended to wash rabbits under three months or in winter, because if there is no way to dry them immediately, it is easy to die from hypothermia.


  • As a good friend of human beings, dogs have always been with us in our lives, so it is very necessary to choose a suitable litter for dogs. For the selection of crates, it is generally necessary to look at the breed of the dog. The crates selected by different breeds are also different, so when choosing a crate, you can choose according to the characteristics of each cage and your own budget.


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  • Ningbo Haishu Yinjiang Jintangli Metal Products Factory metal roof dog cage Wholesale Manufacturer reminds everyone that dogs are easy to have heatstroke in summer, if they find that Shari dog has symptoms of heat stroke.


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